Question 7. Why are there no left-handed players?

Lefties were officially banned from polo in the mid-1930s for safety reasons, but the restriction was relaxed after World War II when polo players of any persuasion were a scarce lot.  The USPA reinstated the lefty ban again in 1974 and it’s stuck: there are no more left-handed polo players.  To understand why, consider this:  you’re driving merrily down the road when all of a sudden, coming straight at you, is a crazed Englishman driving on the left side of the road.  The panic you’d feel in that situation is just what a right-handed polo player feels when he and a lefty approach the ball from opposite directions.

Are women allowed to play polo with men?

Since both sexes are rated on the same handicap scale, men and women can and do play together.  The highest rated woman player in the world is rated at 3 goals (America’s Sunny Hale).  Sixty-odd years ago, the U. S. Women’s Polo Association had a 10-goal woman player.